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The Story behind this EVOLUTION

The Story behind this EVOLUTION

Our story begins during COVID-19. A time with lockdowns, isolation requirements and a business environment fraught with burnout, fatigue and increasing expenses.

With two separate clinics in two different states of Australia and administration staff required to isolate, we needed help!

We searched the virtual administration world for a suitable alternative. What we found were companies who didn’t truly understand Osteopaths or offered procedures that could assist but not promote our clinics’ growth.

Why us?

Insider’s Edge: The Osteopath Advantage

Choosing a virtual administration service isn’t just about cost or features – it’s about context.  

As Osteopaths ourselves, we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve felt the challenges unique to our profession, the nuances, and the specific demands of the osteopathic world.  

While there are myriad services out there, many of them offshore and boasting discounted rates, they often lack the essential understanding of our field. They’re generic solutions in a world that requires specificity.  

With Holistik HQ, you’re not just getting a service; you’re partnering with peers who know the landscape intimately. We’ve crafted this platform with the precision of firsthand experience, ensuring every tool, every feature resonates with the genuine needs of an osteopathic clinic.  

So, when you choose us, you’re opting for a solution that’s not just efficient but empathetic to the rhythm of your practice.” 

Our Value

We talk a lot about hope, helping and teamwork

Our Vision

To empower allied health businesses with efficient administrative support, fostering growth and success.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to simplifying and optimizing administrative process, enabling our clients to focus on their patients, and achieve their full potential

Our Goal

Total support through co-creation

Meet our team

Get to know our fearless leaders

Dr William Camerer

Director, Co-Founder & Osteopath

Dr Jennifer Love

Director, Co-Founder & Osteopath

Dr Jess Mason

Operations Manager & Osteopath

Are we the right partner for you?

With a team of Osteopaths and administration specialists, we have spent the better half of the last three years designing and streamlining business and administration processes. With our evolution into the virtual space this allows for us to share it with YOU.